BIRNS Dual Kelvin


Note: As of July 2019, we are discontinuing new production of the BIRNS Kelvin lines, but will still be supporting existing units with (non-lamp) spare parts and service. We will be launching a new line of LED lighting systems soon as a replacement for the BIRNS Kelvin line, in addition to our other nuclear lighting systems.

The BIRNS Dual Kelvin™, BIRNS Model 2501, is the world’s simplest, most durable and dependable fuel pool lighting fixture. This powerful light is widely used for long-term illumination of fuel pools and transfer canals, reactor cavity illumination during fuel movement and other large-scale activities. Its well engineered design makes it brilliant, easily decontaminated, and relampable in 60 seconds with a choice of wide, medium or narrow beam lamps. This system provides 32,000+ lumens with 120V/1,000W lamps with 4,000 hour lamp lives. The easy to use, lightweight unit features instant on/off and hot-restrike capability with no ballast necessary. Its lamp protector is Lexan polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant of all thermoplastics—more than 30 times the impact resistance of safety glass. This proven system provides more than 300% the radiation tolerance of acrylic.

Includes two Model 5801 BIRNS Kelvin lights (with choice of beam angle), a 1.5m stainless steel mounting pole, and a dual power cable assembly (standard length: 15m from top of pole). Custom lengths of pole and cable are available.


Thousands of BIRNS Dual Kelvins are trusted in nuclear power plants worldwide, as they are ideal for long-term illumination of fuel pools and transfer canals, and extensively used in reactor cavity illumination during fuel movement or other large-scale activities.


  • 32,000+ lumens
  • Brilliant 2950K tungsten lamp, provides true-white color
  • 4,000 hour rated lamp life
  • Instant on/off, hot restrike and 100% dimming capability
  • Ballast-free operation
  • 60-second tool-free relamping
  • Seismically qualified per IEEE-344
  • Free-flooding housing for high-efficiency water cooling
  • Compatible with all commercial grade Class A GFCI’s (ground-fault circuit interrupters)
  • 3 beam angle options
  • Integral underwater connectors, designed for easy operation
  • Rugged, all stainless steel “inside-containment” construction


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