BIRNS Kelvin


Note: As of July 2019, we are discontinuing new production of the BIRNS Kelvin lines, but will still be supporting existing units with (non-lamp) spare parts and service. We will be launching a new line of LED lighting systems soon as a replacement for the BIRNS Kelvin line, in addition to our other nuclear lighting systems.

The BIRNS Kelvin™, BIRNS Model 5801, is a powerful 16,000 lumen tungsten halogen light trusted worldwide in major nuclear power stations, and is seismically-qualified per IEEE-344. It’s easily decontaminated, and relamps in just 60 seconds with a choice of wide, medium or narrow beam lamps. It mounts on a special BIRNS pan-and-tilt yoke, or hangs from a suspension assembly.

The new Model 5813 includes rugged stainless steel mesh coverings, and both feature a Lexan protector with specially designed Lexan plugs for the finger holes, and a 120V/1,000W lamp with instant on/off and hot-restrike capability. The BIRNS Kelvin requires no heavy ballast to operate, and provides tungsten halogen 2950K white light illumination. Its housing is free-flooding for high-efficiency water cooling, yet is compatible with all commercial grade Class A GFCI’s (ground-fault circuit interrupters). It is supplied with a durable 120 volt 1,000W-lamp, and has three beam angle options. Hanging weights are also available, and allow for easier suspension from the power cable assembly. The power cable assembly incorporates a rugged BIRNS underwater connector, so that the power cord can be quickly detached, without tools.


This powerful system is designed for underwater use in areas with high levels of radiation and nuclear contamination. It’s ideal for long-term illumination of fuel pools and transfer canals, and is extensively used in reactor cavity illumination during fuel movement or other large-scale activities. It is designed to be mounted for general-purpose area light use, but can be suspended by its cable as well. It’s an excellent light for general-purpose illumination, and perfect for filming.

Ordering Information:

Customize the BIRNS Kelvin, often at no extra cost, to tailor it for a wide range of specific applications.

– BIRNS Model 5801 Kelvin light (with choice of narrow, medium and wide beam angle, see lamp options below) or Model 5813 Screened Kelvin light
– Power Cable Assembly, Aquaprene, part number CEF3S16-XXX [specify length]
– Choice of stainless steel yoke or suspension assembly


  • 16,000 lumens
  • Brilliant 2950K illumination, true-white color
  • 60-second tool-free relamping
  • Choice of three beam angles
  • Complete dimming capability (0-100%)
  • Instant on/off and ballast-free operation
  • Rugged, all stainless steel inside-containment construction
  • Integral underwater connectors, designed for easy operation
  • Seismically qualified per IEEE-344
Additional Product Information: