BIRNS Underwater Connectors, Subsea Lighting and Nuclear Lighting

BIRNS, Inc. is an AS9100 certified global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance underwater connectors, subsea cable assemblies, subsea lighting, dive lights, and nuclear facility lighting.

Since 1954, BIRNS has provided subsea cable and interconnect solutions and underwater lighting systems trusted in the planet’s most demanding environments—from deep ocean and marine applications to military programs and nuclear power facilities.

We deliver a wide range of unparalleled, technologically advanced products, proven to perform in incredibly rigorous applications. From design to development to meticulous testing—we exceed industry standards and customer expectations—constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

BIRNS’ underwater connector systems, subsea cable assemblies and underwater penetrators provide mission critical reliability.  BIRNS’ dive lights and underwater flood light systems are trusted in commercial diving work as well as by scuba diving enthusiasts. BIRNS’ nuclear facility lighting and commercial emergency lighting equipment are employed and trusted worldwide.

Now Available for Purchase Online

BIRNS MillenniumTM Subsea Interconnect Solutions

Configurable high-performance dry-mate subsea connector range designed for deep submergence applications to 6km depth.

BIRNS MillenniumTM Subsea Interconnect Solutions are available with solid (molded) or oil-filled cables in straight or 90° configurations and offers high and low voltage, coax, fiber optic, and electro-coax, electro-optical and electro-opto-coaxial hybrids. Non-coax configurations are open-face rated to 6,000 meters without need for glass sealing—even with PBOF cables.

BIRNS MillenniumTM Subsea Interconnect Solutions are now available for immediate purchase online.  See the Series here.


BIRNS Meridian™ Subsea Interconnect Solutions

The BIRNS Meridian™ series is a dry-mate high amperage subsea connector line.

This robust, custom engineered 225 Amp series is open face rated to 6km, and is perfect for battery packs and thrusters for crewed and uncrewed subsea vehicles that require high amperage power transfer. Select sizes are already being DNV type-approved for 6km rated crewed submersibles. BIRNS Meridian connectors are compact, and feature several pin configurations, with more in design for release. The M40 pin configuration has a single 85 mm2 (3/0 AWG) contact. Both standard and reverse gender versions are featured in the series, and all withstand reverse pressure, too, and can be installed into both dry and oil-filled canisters.

BIRNS Meridian™ Titanium Subsea Interconnect Solutions

Underwater & Deepsea Cable Stock For a Variety of Connectivity Applications:

  • Power & Signal
  • Power & Control
  • Power & High Speed Signal
  • Signal & Control
  • Optical & Power
  • Optical & Power / Signal / Control
  • Power
  • RF Signal

Birns Underwater Connector & Lighting Technology

Deepsea Connectors


BIRNS invests in new certifications, ground-breaking testing equipment and advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver the industry’s most sophisticated high-performance subsea connectors and cable assemblies.



BIRNS underwater lighting is used in a variety of applications from divers to diving bells, submarines, ROVs and more throughout the world due to extremely rugged designs – proven to perform in the harshest subsea environments.

Nuclear Lighting


BIRNS proven nuclear facility lighting solutions are the industry’s most advanced–from underwater camera lights, reactor core fueling lights and fuel pool lights, to seismically qualified UL-listed emergency and high bay lights.


BIRNS high performance subsea interconnect, marine lighting and nuclear lighting products are custom engineered, precision manufactured and tested to exceed industry requirements. Our Quality Management System is certified to AS9100:2016 by DNV and complies to the requirements of NRC 10CFR50, as part of our commitment to excellence. BIRNS has been providing trusted solutions since 1954 for demanding, mission critical applications worldwide.



Oceanology Interview

Eric Birns Interviewed by MTR TV at Oceanology in London



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