Commercial Diving

BIRNS has been shaping the face of diving technology since the 1950s—with lights, underwater connectors and penetrator systems that enable some of the hardest working people on the planet to do their jobs safely and effectively.  Our engineers have been creating product lines that have been proven in the field for more than half a century, that have provided solutions that go to depths never before imagined. Our history began in creating products for Sealab and the US Navy decades ago, and today our new technology is blazing new trails on the ocean floor, illuminating diving bells, providing communication with greater bandwidth, and allowing divers to focus on the job at hand. BIRNS supplies select lines of our most popular marine/diving lighting, MPI/NDT and penetrator products for the commercial diving market through qualified dealers: Dive Commercial International Divers Supply, Incorporated IUC Technologies BIRNS Commercial Diving Products
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