BIRNS Engineering

BIRNS expert in-house engineering department brings decades of experience to research, develop and create the most cutting edge, high performance products in the industry. Our engineers take an innovative approach to tailor powerful, elegant solutions for our customers’ unique needs—quickly and efficiently. The team leverages its extensive base of well designed connectors and lights as a stable platform to launch more challenging applications for a wide range of complex applications.

BIRNS engineers have the expertise and agility to constantly adapt existing products to precise applications and specifications—if that is the optimal solution—or create ground-breaking new designs to continually push the technological envelope.

They understand that quality and performance are paramount in the demanding industries in which BIRNS operates, and that lead times are mission critical. Our dedicated, driven engineering department brings real in-the-field experience to the table and employs state-of-the-art parametric solid modeling software to deliver highly customized solutions with unmatched precision and speed.

Whether it’s determining the correct pin configuration for a complex electro-optical hybrid connector cable assembly, developing a deep submergence underwater vehicle lighting system, or creating powerful illumination for nuclear fuel pools, BIRNS engineers enhance the quality and efficiency of every project from inception to delivery.

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