Nuclear Lighting

No other company has BIRNS length of experience or depth of understanding in the development and manufacturing of powerful, safe, high performance nuclear lighting. BIRNS established its Nuclear Lighting Division in 1980 to serve the company’s rapid expansion into the field. Specialty products initially built for the nuclear power industry included the BIRNS Needle Light (a 500-watt light that fits inside Ø12.5mm holes), and a lighting system for GE’s AZTECH mobile low-level waste processing unit. We went on to develop unique In-air lights, Seismically-qualified Emergency lights, Fuel Pool lights, Reactor Core Refueling lights, and Underwater Camera lights that are trusted worldwide in the nuclear power industry. Our Quality System complies to the requirements of NRC 10CFR50, Appendix B- “Quality Assurance Criteria For Nuclear Power Plants and Fuel Reprocessing Plants,” and our field-proven lighting systems are custom engineered and stringently tested to enhance safety and radically decrease downtimes during fuel movement, inspection and maintenance.

Today, our powerful, reliable lights are used in 83% of the nuclear power stations in the U.S.; 54% of those in Western Europe; 75% of those in the Benelux countries; 50% of those in Scandinavia, and 25% of those in Asia. We are proud of our long, proven heritage of providing the most sophisticated, trusted lights in the nuclear power industry, and are constantly developing new ways to innovate in this demanding market.

BIRNS Nuclear Products


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