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The BIRNS Millennium™ series is a configurable high performance dry-mate interconnect range designed for deep submergence applications to 6km depth. Available with titanium or stainless-steel connectors and solid (molded) or oil-filled cable in straight or 90° configurations, it offers high and low voltage, RF, fiber optic, and electro-coax, electro-optical and electro-opto-coaxial hybrids.

BIRNS Millennium assemblies provide quantifiably superior performance characteristics:
faster data transfer rates and greater signal bandwidth, lower optical insertion loss, greater depth capability, lower RF loss and better VSWR. This has been achieved through meticulous and innovative engineering and rigorous testing and a range of industry-leading design features, resulting in powerful, robust field-proven subsea interconnect solutions with the highest performance on the market.

Data Performance: Ethernet Rates: 9+Gbits/Sec
BIRNS Millennium cable assemblies made with exclusive 52A-278 cable constructed for Cat 8.2 use are the only ones in the industry capable of ultra-fast Ethernet data rates. Several sizes and pin configurations are available with data transfer rates of up to 9.4+/- 0.1 Gigabits per second at 6km equivalent depth: 3G-10 (Ethernet), 3M-13, 3M-16 and 3O-17 (Ethernet and Power).

RF Performance: Open Face Rated Coax at 1.5 GHz: -.05 dB, 1.24 VSWR (50Ω); -.11dB, 1.53 VSWR (75Ω)
BIRNS Millennium pressure-rated 1C (50Ω) and 1V (75Ω) RF assemblies offer low loss and VSWR for GPS-frequency systems up to SHF (centimetre wave) in IEEE bands S and C, can be hybridized with electrical contacts and/or optical ferrules, and can even be combined in the same connector. At 3GHz, the 75Ω BIRNS 1V has -.21dB insertion loss and 1.83 VSWR, ideal for HD/SD video or shortwave antennas.

BIRNS 1B pressure-rated RF connectors, exclusively for US military use, are ultra-low-loss to SHF band Ku (18GHz) and have been qualified for US Navy applications including performance under cold (-3°C/27°F) and hot (38°C/100°F) hydrostatic pressure. BIRNS 1B interconnect solutions provide strategic and tactical advantages by delivering synchronous, continuous mission-critical data without need to resurface.

Optical Performance: SM Fiber ≤0.1dB Insertion Loss, ≥75dB Return Loss at 625 bar/1°C
BIRNS Millennium optical and EO cable assemblies deliver high-performance data transmission, with designs qualified in cold-water high pressure testing and proven in service. Configurations are available for both SM and MM fibers, as well as hybridized with electrical conductors for power and/or control. The stationary ferrule can be positioned in either the receptacle or the cable plug to be optimized for the application.

Electrical Performance: 40% higher safety margin
BIRNS Millennium electrical interconnect products offer high-voltage (≤3.6 kV) and low-voltage (≤600V) options for subsea power and data transfer. BIRNS connector pins are ≥40% larger than standard AWG sizes and are insulated to minimize EMI, noise and cross-talk. Sockets are heat-treated BeCu and all contacts have 50μ of hard gold plating for longevity and superior electrical performance. Select Reverse Gender configurations are available for power-supply applications.

Mechanical Performance: tested with open-face pressure, vibration, and high-impact shock
Select BIRNS Millennium configurations have been tested and qualified to 625 bar open-face (750 bar mated), vibration-tested per MIL-STD-167-1A, Type 1, Table III to 14 Hz, and/or high-impact shock-tested per MIL-S-901D Grade A Class 1 Type C. BIRNS Millennium connectors are available in several material configurations, and titanium coupling rings are anodized and PTFE-impregnated for friction reduction and galling resistance.


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