Termination and Assembly

BIRNS offers value-added subcontract services, performed in accordance with customer specifications/procedures, to MIL-SPEC procedures, or individual requirements. We encourage customer visits and audits at any stage of the work. Please contact us with your requirements.

Cable and Lighting Assemblies

All BIRNS expert electrical technicians, assembly and relevant inspection personnel hold J-STD-001 Class 3 and WHMA-A-620-A Class 3 certification to add to the company’s impressive list of rigorous industry qualifications. Our technicians are exceptionally skilled at electrical termination and assembly of complex connectors, custom cable assemblies, high performance lighting solutions and electrical devices.

We terminate connectors made by BIRNS or others; we also make cable assemblies and wire harnesses.

As an example: certain detachments of the US Navy have BIRNS electrically terminate and overmold various models of hydrophone transducers for use on their large ROVs.

Mechanical Termination and Assembly
BIRNS performs mechanical termination of load-bearing cables with central or coaxial stress members of Aramid fiber or steel. For electromechanical cable assemblies, we perform this termination such that no load is transmitted to electrical conductors even under worst-case scenarios.

As an example, BIRNS designed and terminated a 186-conductor waterproof electromechanical cable assembly to withstand 3,000 pounds of load in any direction—for the Pioneer Robot the high radiation fields inside Chernobyl. The robot was a remote reconnaissance system for structural analysis designed to go into Chernobyl’s Unit 4 sarcophagus, a 20-story, 300,000-ton concrete shell created over the plant as a containment effort.

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