BIRNS Celebrates 65th Anniversary

In 1954, exploration in the subsea industry was in its relative infancy. In fact, some of the very first unmanned submersibles were introduced in the 1950s. Nearly seven decades later, depth ratings for subsea systems have exponentially changed, and connectivity solutions for today’s subsea systems are extremely advanced and complex. BIRNS has been proud to have played a role in the advancement of high-performance lighting and connector systems for the subsea market for the last 65 years.

The company was born in Los Angeles, California, and quickly became known for contributing key technology to the marine and nuclear industries. Early marine market contributions included building specialty lights for the Sea Lab projects and illuminating the excavation of the Titanic. Expanding into the nuclear field in the 1980s, BIRNS soon introduced pivotal products to enhance the safety and capability of the nuclear field, like the world’s most advanced seismically-qualified, nuclear-grade emergency light, and the BIRNS Corona™ floodlight with 130,000 lumens.

“Throughout our 65 year history, we have been honored to help advance technology in these important and competitive markets,” says Eric Birns, President and CEO. “Our products have always allowed faster communication and brighter illumination, both inside containment and at great oceanic depths, and we are excited about what advancements the future will bring!”

About BIRNS, Inc.,

Founded in 1954, BIRNS, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified global leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance lighting and connector systems for deep ocean, marine, military and nuclear power applications.  For more information, contact BIRNS Inc., 1720 Fiske Place, Oxnard, CA, 93033 Phone: 805-487-5393 ∙ US Toll Free 1-888-BIRNS-88 Fax: 805-487-0427 ∙ .∙ . .

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