Jeff Kirby

As BIRNS’ Engineering Manager, Jeff Kirby helps guide the development, testing and evaluation of theoretical designs and creates and implements cost-effective equipment modifications to help improve safety, reliability and throughput.

A veteran with more than 30 years of marine, robotics and mechanical design experience, Kirby served for 13 years as an Engineer at UC Santa Barbara, providing comprehensive engineering support for departmental research.  Prior to his academic position, he designed and developed the Python Manipulator, an innovative robot arm for hazardous applications, and served as Design Engineer for Western Instrument Corporation, where he designed, built and deployed a hydrophone array and a prototype underwater annular parachute. Kirby began his long career as an Assistant Engineer for Solus Ocean Systems, working as a welder, pipefitter and dive team engineer in California and Western Africa.

Kirby holds a B.S. in Marine Engineering and is certified from the Naval Technical Firefighting School, Treasure Island.


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