New BIRNS Aquila-LED™

Focus on the Job at Hand With the Industry’s Most Advanced, Compact Underwater Low Voltage Multi-Use Light

OXNARD, CA – BIRNS, Inc., an industry leader in designing and manufacturing innovative lines of high performance lights, connectors, penetrators and cable assemblies for the commercial diving and deep submergence industries, has introduced its all new BIRNS Aquila-LED™ lighting system.

Built to withstand the rigors of deep sea applications—from illuminating ROVs and underwater photography to helmet-mounted use in commercial diving—the versatile new BIRNS Aquila-LED (model  5749) provides incredible illumination in a compact, lightweight silhouette that can be seamlessly customized to fit a wide range of uses.

Part of BIRNS’ acclaimed new “L” series, this powerful LED light delivers high performance under pressure with a small yet powerful design.  It weighs in at a mere 209g (7.4oz.) in air, or 64g (2.3oz.) in water, and features a Ø60mm (Ø2.4”) housing with a brilliant 12°-34° beam—effectively piercing the depths with a potent 6500K white light.  Its vivid 240 lumen LED lamp is rated at 50,000 hours and operates on 12v AC/DC and consumes a mere 4 watts, and is RoHS compliant.  The BIRNS Aquila-LED’s wire-free construction combines advanced design characteristics with a streamlined 106.4mm (4.19”) profile that makes it simple to relamp—just 30 seconds, with no tools needed.  The design includes new features that provide increased heat dissipation, like four conduit channels that enhance water flow across the lens and specially engineered cooling fins to help sink heat into the water.

It’s engineered with a  new ergonomically-designed mounting diameter is compact, with a coarse diamond knurled surface for easy hand gripping or positioning on a mounting bracket.  It’s made of lightweight 6061 hard black anodized aluminum, has a depth rating of 200M.

BIRNS has been lighting the way to innovation in the industry for decades—having pioneered the concept of embedding lamp sockets in underwater connectors with its renowned BIRNS Snooperette™ line more than 25 years ago.  “We’re proud to launch this next generation of underwater lighting technology,” says Eric Birns, company President and CEO.  “The BIRNS Aquila-LED was created to meet the changing needs of the underwater enthusiasts and professionals alike.  From design elements like BIRNS Smart Seal™ O-rings that seal the lamp automatically, reducing user error during set up and preventing leaks, to the powerful new cooling features that dramatically extend lamp life—this is the most user-friendly, versatile light available.”

BIRNS has a long history of ‘shining’ achievements in creating unique lighting solutions for a diverse suite of markets.  In 1954, BIRNS developed the first underwater camera housing to accept 400-foot

film magazines, and its engineers went on to set the industry standard by creating the very first closed-reflector underwater light.  Today, BIRNS high performance lights are in use globally, from offshore oil rigs to NASA projects, and are found in more than 83 percent of all nuclear power plants in the country.  Each BIRNS Aquila-LED goes through a rigorous set of testing, including hydrostatic pressure and insulation resistance.  Plus, BIRNS’ popular lines of marine grade lighting products exceed the safety and design standards of both Lloyd’s of London and Underwriters Laboratories.

About BIRNS Inc.,
Founded in 1954, BIRNS, Inc., is an ISO 9001:2008 certified global leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance lighting and connector systems for deep ocean, marine, military and nuclear power applications.  For more information, contact BIRNS Inc., 1720 Fiske Place, Oxnard, CA, 93033
Phone: 805-487-5393 ∙ US Toll Free 1-888-BIRNS-88 Fax: 805-487-0427 ∙ or

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