New Lamp Options


New LED lamp options are available for a range of BIRNS high performance marine lighting systems. The company has introduced new lamps for an array of lights for applications from helmet and vehicle use to PVHO, including the popular BIRNS Doubly-Safe Chamber Light-LED™. The new 450 lumen lamps for this rugged chamber light have 35,000 hour lamp lives and come in a wide selection of voltage ranges, all with a mere 6.5W power draw.

The system provides BIRNS’ proprietary Doubly-Safe dual helium release method, which makes the entire front of the light its own helium release valve. It consists of a back-up spring in the front lens mount, along with its additional stainless steel release mechanism, to safely and quickly remove any gas that might otherwise get trapped during compression. The BIRNS Double-Safe Chamber Light-LED is tailored for pressurized helium/oxygen use in submarines, diving bells and decompression chambers, and has a low profile of 76mm, and is easily mounted on ceilings and walls.


About BIRNS, Inc.,

Founded in 1954, BIRNS, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified global leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance lighting and connector systems for deep ocean, marine, military and nuclear power applications. For more information, contact BIRNS Inc., 1720 Fiske Place, Oxnard, CA, 93033 Phone: 805-487-5393 ∙ US Toll Free 1-888-BIRNS-88 Fax: 805-487-0427 ∙ ∙ .∙ . .

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