BIRNS Aquila-LED™ Underwater Multi-Use Low-Voltage Light

The BIRNS Aquila-LED™ (BIRNS Model 5749) provides intense LED illumination focused on the job at hand, in the water and out. This is the ultimate low voltage underwater multi-use light – effectively piercing the depths with a potent 5700K brilliance in a compact, lightweight silhouette. This robust LED light delivers high performance under pressure with a small, yet powerful design. Its vivid 450 lumen LED lamp is rated at 35,000 hours and consumes just 6.5 watts, and is RoHS compliant. It weighs in at 209g (10.5oz.) in air, or 64g (2.3oz.) in water, and features a Ø60mm (Ø2.4”) housing with a 20° beam.  Its wire-free construction combines advanced design characteristics with a streamlined 97mm (3.8”) profile that makes it simple to relamp – just 30 seconds, with no tools needed.

It has an ergonomically-designed compact mounting diameter, with a coarse diamond knurled surface for easy hand gripping or positioning on a mounting bracket.


Built to withstand the rigors of deep sea applications—from illumination for vehicles and underwater photography to helmet-mounted use in commercial diving—the versatile BIRNS Aquila-LED provides incredible illumination in a compact, lightweight silhouette that can be seamlessly customized to fit a wide range of uses.


  • Brilliant 5,700K white light illumination
  • 20° beam
  • 200m depth rating
  • 35,000 hour lamp life
  • 12V
  • 6.5W
  • Operates in and out of water
  • Fast, easy, wire-free maintenance
  • BIRNS Smart Seal O-rings
  • Ultra-compact, (3″ OD)  light-weight design
  • Customizable, mounts anywhere
  • Operates on DC
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