BIRNS Corona Major


BIRNS Corona Major™

The BIRNS Corona Major™, BIRNS Model 5214, is an extremely durable and dependable tungsten halogen fuel pool lighting fixture. It delivers amazingly powerful illumination with 3200K white light, 50,000 lumen brilliance, yet is easily decontaminated, and relamps in 60 seconds. The lamp operates inside a dry, one-atmosphere chamber, which is further protected by rugged polycarbonate. The BIRNS Corona Major includes a robust mounting yoke and can secure to a selection of BIRNS Mounting Poles. This unique system requires no heavy ballast to operate, and its housing is freeflooding for high-efficiency water cooling, yet is compatible with all commercial grade Class A GFCI’s (ground-fault circuit interrupters). The BIRNS Corona Major incorporates a BIRNS underwater connector, so that the power cord can be quickly detached, without tools, and includes a choice of lamp and a Lexan protector. It features instant ON/OFF and hot-restrike capability, and comes complete with a detachable power cable assembly (item 17F-803).


The BIRNS Corona Major is designed for underwater use in areas with high levels of radiation and nuclear contamination. While widely used as a general-area lighting fixture in new and spent fuel pools, it is also used for localized inspection and for in-core use during refuel operations, it’s trusted for long-term illumination of fuel pools and transfer canals and used extensively for other large-scale activities.


  • Brilliant 3200K/50,000 lumen illumination
  • 60-second tool-free relamping / very easy maintenance
  • Instant “ON/OFF” and Ballast-free operation
  • Complete dimming capability (0-100%)
  • Rugged, all stainless steel inside-containment construction
  • Integral underwater connectors, designed for easy operation
  • Choice of mounting on yoke or suspension assembly
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