BIRNS Doubly-Safe Chamber Light


BIRNS Doubly-Safe Chamber Light™

The BIRNS Doubly-Safe Chamber Light, BIRNS Model 4121, is the world’s best and most versatile PVHO lighting fixture. It meets or exceeds applicable Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd’s, and UL requirements. It is versatile, with choice of lamp and lens. Superior thermal design permits the use of higher-output lamps, and BIRNS’ exclusive “doubly safe” dual helium release method makes the entire front of the light its own helium release valve.


This low-voltage light is designed specifically to provide “white light” illumination inside pressurized HeO2-atmosphere PVHO chambers.

What You’ll Need:

To operate the BIRNS Model 4121 Doubly-Safe Chamber Light, you’ll need a CEF3S16-x Power Cable Assembly (“-x” is the length in feet). We’ll make any length or configuration you wish.


The BIRNS Doubly-Safe Chamber Light provides:

  • Brilliant “white light” illumination
  • Small size (Ø76mm / 3″ OD), mountable almost anywhere
  • Lamp and lens options to make it perfect for most applications

Superior heat-sink design, two helium release methods, low-voltage lamps and a case ground (earth) connection make the Chamber Light very safe to use.

All Model 4121 lamps operate well on AC or DC.


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