BIRNS General-Area Chamber Light


BIRNS General-Area Chamber Light w/Switch

The BIRNS General-Area Chamber Light™, Model 4133, has all the industry-leading features of the regular BIRNS General-Area Chamber Light, plus a convenient On/Off switch.  It provides perfect general-area illumination inside pressurized chambers and has a superior thermal design, which permits use of higher-output lamps, so it can be tailored to provide even more chamber illumination. The attached cable length is 1.8m (6′), but on special order it can be any length specified. The unit comes complete with choice of 12V or 24V lamp (power ratings ≤28W).


The low-voltage BIRNS General-Area Chamber Light is designed specifically to safely provide white light illumination inside pressurized HeO2-atmosphere PVHO chambers. Superior heat-sink design, helium release valve, low-voltage lamps and a case ground (earth) connection make this Chamber Light a powerful, proven choice for PVHO applications. All BIRNS Model 4133 lamps operate well on AC or DC.

What You’ll Need

The BIRNS General-Area Chamber Light comes complete with a 1.8m (6′) power cable installed. For different cable lengths, please specify and BIRNS can tailor it to any length or configuration.

Model Numbers

Variations on the BIRNS General-Area Chamber Light are available as follows:

– Model 4132: with a 1.8m (6′) power cable installed
– Model 4133: like 4132 but with an On/Off switch
– Model 4134: like 4132 but with a male connector and 63A-013 SS locking sleeve on the cable
– Model 4135: like 4132 but with a switch, male connector and 63A-013 SS locking sleeve on the cable


  • Brilliant white light illumination
  • Superior thermal design
  • Complete Safety: Case ground (earth)
  • Helium release valve
  • Versatility: 12V or 24V lamps for usage optimization
  • Options of mounting on practically any ceiling or wall
  • Variety of tailored lamp and lens options to make it seamless for most applications
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