BIRNS Lumena-6


The BIRNS Lumena-6™, BIRNS Model 5360, is an advanced, intensely bright nuclear underwater LED floodlight which reduces underwater nuclear fuel handling costs by bringing daylight illumination to reactor cores, fuel transfer canals and storage pools. This 85,000 lumen, low maintenance LED system provides superb light output, efficiency and quality as well as extreme long term use, with an 60,000+ hour lamp life. The powerful plug and play lighting solution offers flexibility and scalability, featuring an exclusive integrated onboard water cooled electronics enclosure, so a single mains power cable is all that’s needed on the surface.

Click here for in-use video of the BIRNS Lumena-6 illuminating a reactor pool.


The BIRNS Lumena-6 is meticulously engineered for underwater use in areas of high radiation. Its rugged, water cooled housing is made of all nuclear-rated materials, and with rounded edges and corners, the system is easy to decontaminate. Plus, its full-captivation design provides complete mechanical protection and safety. It reliably operates on any input voltage between 90 VAC and 300 VAC and features a detachable BIRNS Millennium 3K power cable assembly with rugged stainless steel indexed connectors for ease of use. It can be tilted in an angle, without tools, and stays in set position.  The BIRNS Lumena‐6 provides safe, reliable and brilliant illumination for demanding nuclear applications requiring long term use and intense illumination and minimal maintenance.


  • 85,000 lumen output
  • >61,000 hour lamp life*
  • Certified for use in water to 70°C without life reduction
  • Seismically qualified
  • Streamlined integrated power supply design uses a single power cord
  • Mains input 90-300 VAC/ 600W power draw
  • 5,000K color temp
  • Precision reflectors maximize light output
  • Polycarbonate, tempered glass or quartz lens available
  • Choice of Medium or Wide beam options (30° or 70° reflectors)
  • Rugged design; all-captivated parts, anodized aluminum and stainless steel housing
  • Unparalleled strength and rigidity of housing
  • Rugged, type 304 stainless-steel indexed connectors
  • IP 68
*This is the point at which the light output is 90% of the original value–not the actual end of life.
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