BIRNS Snooperette-LED


BIRNS Snooperette-LED™ General-Purpose Underwater Light

The BIRNS Snooperette-LED™, BIRNS model 5674, delivers unmatched LED brilliance and technology in a low-voltage (8V-17V) general-purpose underwater light. Versatile and compact (Ø76mm), it’s perfect for divers, cameras and subsea vehicle use. It can be operated in and out of water, and stays cool whether helmet-mounted, hand-held or yoke-mounted, while its 450 lumen, intense 3700K white light provides a 35,000 hour lamp life. With handy instant on/off and hot-restrike capability, it uses a detachable cable assembly CEF2S16-x (‘-x’ is the desired length in feet). Optional cable locking sleeves are available in 316 SS (63A-003) or plastic (63A-004). This model includes choice of lamp and lens. Product video of the BIRNS Snooperette-LED in use.


Incredibly versatile and rugged, the BIRNS Snooperette-LED is rated to 2,700m and provides powerful lighting for diving, submarine, ROV/AUV, photography, and offshore oil and gas inspection applications.


  • Brilliant 3700K illumination
  • 2,700m depth rating
  • 450 lumens
  • 35,000 hour lamp life
  • Stays cool operating both in and out of water
  • Ø76mm, mounts seamlessly
  • Tailor it with options including 8 lenses and 3 mounts
  • Operates well on AC or DC
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