Seismic Qualification


OXNARD, CA – The BIRNS Quantum™, a high bay LED floodlight for use inside nuclear containment, has received a range of new seismic qualification certifications, making the UL-listed lighting system approved to meet the project requirements for Westinghouse’s AP1000 Plant safety-related equipment. The powerful light provides extended illumination with a 109,000 hour lamp life and 21,383 lumen output and offers the advantage of a low 210W power draw.

The BIRNS Quantum was tested by Applied Technical Services to meet the technical specifications APP-GW-G1-002, Revision 2, and EQ-MR-1-APP, Rev. 2 prepared by Westinghouse. The demanding specification references the following seismic standards: IEEE-344-1987, EEE-344-1987 and U.S. NRC Regulatory Guides 1.89 and 1.100. Additionally, the lighting system was reported to have satisfied the requirements of the following protocols and corresponding seismic parameters: IEEE 693-2005: High required response spectrum; GR-63-CORE: Earthquake Risk Zone 4; ICC-ES AC156 (IBC 2012 / CBC 2013): SDS = 3.94 & z/h = 1.0; ICC-ES AC156 (UBC 1997): Ca = 1.57 & Hx/Hr = 1.0.

The seismic qualification included the light being subjected to tri-axial acceleration shake table testing comprised of five OBE (one-half SSE) tests and one SSE test, with a maximum of 11.26 G in the horizontal east-west axis, 10.41 in the horizontal north-south axis, and 9.39 in the vertical axis, over a range of frequencies (2 to 12.50 Hz). The required response spectrum (RRS) enveloped the AP1000 Certified Seismic Design Response Spectra (CSDRS) and Hard Rock High Frequency (HRHF) Ground Motion Response Spectra. The final test report was independently reviewed and analyzed by Forell/Elsesser Engineers, Inc.


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