Costain Petrocarbon

“Thanks again for the tremendous effort and help you gave to C.PET in solving our lighting problem. The turn around time of one week, from your initial site visit to delivery of fixture, was outstanding to say the least.”

England, UK

Westinghouse INEL

“I am pleased to inform you that BIRNS, Inc's performance…has been rated "Excellent", in accordance with WINCO's Supplier Evaluation System.”


ARD Corporation

“I would like to thank you for your service over the past year, particularly Eric's next day response…This overnight service contributed to a successful operation at Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant the following week.”


RS Technical Services

“I wanted to take the time to formally thank you and your crew for [your] effort…Being in manufacturing ourselves, we know about pulling rabbits out of hats for customers and we certainly appreciate it when a company does it for us… Please pass on to your staff our appreciation…”


Westinghouse INEL, Idaho

“Please convey WINCO's appreciation to the BIRNS Co. employees who participated in the performance under [this] Purchase Order…”

Ref: 209322

Eastport International

“The…products that BIRNS supplied to us performed flawlessly…What was more valuable to Eastport, however, was your critical contribution to our success…Here's how BIRNS helped: First, quick response. We needed parts in two weeks and took delivery on almost everything in just a week…Second, service. You met with us immediately and stayed after hours more than once working with us. You notified us when partials were ready and shipped the partials the same day. You help to define solutions to some special requirements and had the flexibility to change the order when we and our customer changed our minds. Third, quality. On every part that you have delivered, the quality has been the best. It's not just that there haven't been any defects, the parts have had consistent excellence in form, fit, and workmanship…BIRNS is our first choice. Once again, our sincere thanks.”


Tennessee Valley Authority, Browns Ferry

“This is to express my appreciation to you for your support…our original supplier for this equipment was contacted and quoted a 30-week leadtime…As you know, we placed the award with you on December 28 with a delivery requirement of December 29. I am happy to say the lights arrived onsite on schedule. Your efforts on a tight delivery schedule and during the Christmas holidays enabled us to maintain our schedule and to save TVA money. You and your employees are to be commended for these efforts. We will not hesitate to contact BIRNS Incorporated for our future lighting needs and again, thanks for your support.”

Ref: 90NLD-80241C

Seaward Marine Services

“Please accept this letter as one expressing my gratitude for your quick response…Both your rapid response to our needs and the superior quality of your equipment allowed my drivers to perform this MPI task, including 3-dimensional photography, in two days with no interruptions to the ship's operating schedule…Again, my deepest appreciation for your efforts…”