Custom Penetrators

BIRNS provided a technical article for Sea Technology's Cable/Connector issue entitled: Custom Penetrators, Cable Assemblies Bespoke Components for DeepFlight Super Falcon 3S Personal Sub.

Connector Technology

BIRNS provided a technical article on the latest trends in connector Quality and Manufacturing for International Ocean Systems magazine.

Power and Precision

BIRNS' provided a technical article on a range of high voltage connectivity solutions for International Ocean Systems.

A History of BIRNS Lighting

BIRNS contributed a technical article tracing the development of different lighting technologies and the company's contributions to the industry.

Cable Assemblies

BIRNS and HURL's technical article on 6km-rated cable assemblies was featured in Sea Technology's annual Connector issue.

Hybridization In Connectivity

BIRNS had a feature article on hybrid connector technology featured in International Oceans System magazine's Connectors, Cables and Winches issue.

Successful ISO Audit

BIRNS, Inc. has announced that its Quality Management System (QMS) recently had its successful ISO 9001:2008 recertification audit carried out by DNV-GL.

Custom ABS-Certifed Penetrators

BIRNS was chosen as the cover story for Sea Technology's annual Deck Gear, Cables and Connectors issue: Custom ABS-Certified Penetrators For Use on Tourist Submarine.

Changing Face of the Connector Industry

Amy Brown, Director of Corporate Communications for BIRNS, authored the feature article "The Changing Face of the Connector Industry" for International Ocean Systems magazine's Connectors/Cables/Winches issue. BIRNS also was chosen for the cover image for this important issue.