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Overview - Pressure Caps & Dummy Sealing Connectors

BIRNS sealing caps securely protect unmated BIRNS Millennium connectors. Caps are available for 1,000 meters and 6,000 meters, and for standard (“face”) and reverse (“rear”) pressure.

BIRNS Millennium receptacles withstand high face pressure (illustrations A1 & A2) and use RCH and RCH-TI. When the Receptacle is subjected to rear pressure, as part of an oil-filled cable (CR-OF) or on an oil-filled pressure-compensated canister (B1 & B2), it must be capped with the DSP (Dummy Sealing Plug). The DSP is specific to the receptacle’s pin configuration: a 3L-25-CR-OF uses a 3L-25-DSP, a 3L-7-FR uses a 3L-7-DSP, etc. The DSP is optionally available with a 316 stainless steel Lanyard Ring [Ø6mm (ؼ”) eye ID].

BIRNS Millennium cable plugs use PCH for face pressure (A3). In an oil-filled cable assembly (B3), the CP-OF withstands 100 bar while capped with a PCH; for higher pressures, the CP-OF must be capped with a DSR (Dummy Sealing Receptacle). Titanium PCH (PCH-TI) are available in select sizes for all-titanium systems.


* Use RCH ≤ 1KM; Use RCH-Ti ≤ 6KM, **Use PCH ≤ 1KM; Use DSR ≤ 6KM

Pressure Specifications - Pressure Caps & Dummy Sealing Connectors

Pressure Ratings & Direction

Materials - Receptacle Caps & Plug Caps

Receptacle Cap Materials

Plug Cap Materials

Dimensions & Mass - High & Low Pressure Caps

Receptacle Cap – High Pressure

Receptacle – Low Pressure

Plug Cap – High/Low Pressure

Cap Dimensions (Millimeters)

Cap Mass (Grams)

Cap Dimensions (Inches)

Cap Mass (Ounces)

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