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BIRNS Millennium DSP

BIRNS Dummy Sealing Plug

BIRNS Dummy Sealing Plug with Lanyard Ring



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- Dummy Sealing Plug Product Information

Overview - Dummy Sealing Plugs

When the Receptacle is subject to rear pressure, as part of an oil-filled cable (CR-OF) or on an oil-filled pressure-compensated canister (B1 & B2), it must be capped with the DSP (Dummy Sealing Plug). The DSP is specific to the receptacle’s pin configuration: a 3L-25-CR-OF uses a 3L-25-DSP, a 3L-7-FR uses a 3L-7-DSP, etc. The DSP is optionally available with a 316 stainless steel Lanyard Ring [Ø6mm (ؼ”) eye ID].

* Use RCH ≤ 1KM; Use RCH-Ti ≤ 6KM, **Use PCH ≤ 1KM; Use DSR ≤ 6KM

Pressure Specifications - Dummy Sealing Plugs

DSP Pressure Ratings & Direction

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