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BIRNS Millennium Underwater Interconnect Products

The BIRNS Millennium™ underwater interconnect series is a configurable high performance dry-mate subsea interconnect range designed for deep submergence applications to 6km depth. Available with titanium or stainless-steel connectors and solid (molded) or oil-filled cable in straight or 90° configurations, it offers high and low voltage, RF, fiber optic, and electro-coax, electro-optical and electro-opto-coaxial hybrids.

BIRNS Millennium underwater connector and cable assemblies provide quantifiably superior performance characteristics:
BIRNS’ subsea interconnect products provide faster data transfer rates and greater signal bandwidth, lower optical insertion loss, greater depth capability, lower RF loss and better VSWR. This has been achieved through meticulous and innovative engineering and rigorous testing and a range of industry-leading design features, resulting in powerful, robust field-proven subsea interconnect solutions with the highest performance on the market.

Millennium Deepsea Connector Performance Specifications
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